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IoT in Healthcare Sector and its impact

Anything other than a computer and a phone connected through internet is what is defined as Internet of Things or IoT. This has indeed unlimited possibilities of creating a different or a new world order. IoT is going to be or is evident in almost all spheres of life and in the current pandemic, healthcare too. Digital health, IoT, analytics, wearables, artificial intelligence etc. have shown tremendous growth in the recent times. If anything promises great opportunity and potential in health sector, to improve quality of life it is IoT in healthcare!

Sample this, IoT in health sector, will be over $100 billion soon as per & on global economy the impact of IoT could be well over $6 trillion by 2025 as per McKinsey Global Institute

Can you imagine the amount of personal data this sector generates? Medical records related to person and family, pulse rates, blood pressure, body temperature, ECG, body fluid analysis, physical and mental fitness data, diagnosis, medication, body scans and the list can be endless. So, on one hand, the fraternity has to deal with sensitive data security and on the other hand devise and design ways of care delivery to improve patient’s health. Imagine each of this device is connected and part of IoT creating a net or web of all stakeholders in a position to respond in almost real time basis.

It will be a marvel to see, as we have seen in recent pandemic, the healthcare giver is in a position to provide care, using various apps and devices, without hospitalization, right within the home of the patient. Home quarantine and care was not a word heard so often till recent past.

Drug research, development, delivery, preventing fake drugs within the industry, manufacturing, supply chain management can be made such an efficient process by implementing IoT in health sector. The effect of medication, its efficacy, what’s working, what’s not, responding with lighting speed, all because of the limitless possibility that IoT can create.

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, smart watches, do you think the smart hospital bed is any behind, so smart that once the patient is on it, all vitals are monitored, delivered to the doctor in real time basis, any changes on vitals is sent out as alert etc. etc., my head is already spinning!

In fact, the whole world and mankind can benefit through IoT in health sector.

Will too much data availability create an overload of data available to a doctor and hence reduction in time availability and attention they can provide? Will data security could be a reason for slowdown?

Can this be potential reason for the slowdown on IoT implementation in healthcare sector? I don’t know, we will find out soon enough!

At Axon Networks we believe a part of this is already a reality and much more will change in no time, we may play an important role in helping you to leverage all of this to your advantage in many more ways than we can do today!


Atul Ojha


Axon Networks LLP

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