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Industry 4.0: The Strides For a Long Haul

In this blog we look at how the Industry 4.0 is a long-haul game and how steps are supporting the long haul, keeping in mind the benefits, pitfalls & risks and what it means for the industry.

There is very little doubt that the implementation of Industry 4.0, which is gaining momentum globally offers immense benefits and advantages in the area of overall efficiency, flexibility of processes, better profitability and a happier customer.

The implementation of Industry 4.0 helps you acquire information and knowledge, to enable you to take calls on, what is good for your business. Thereby fine tuning your own processes, produce better, produce faster, optimize resource utilization and create satisfied customers faster. All of this happens while you are able to better forecast, demands, in and out logistics more efficiently and constantly sharpening your competitive edge.

Do remember to keep in mind, like any other change management, implementation of Industry 4.0 comes with its own challenges and excitement, capital investments and availability of right resources for the journey are certainly 2 important aspects to iron out first.

There are initial success stories or fruitful use cases where organizations have seen positive impact of the Industry 4.0

Online real time apps are in a position to provide key parameters performance of your manufacturing line, without paper reports which may not be current, on your fingertips, on the fly.

Warehousing will be able to trace and track the resources to ensure that the line is never under or overfed, thereby making the process efficient. Use of autonomous mobile robots or platforms can identify, retrieve and move materials just in right time and quantity with least amount of human dependence or error to make the whole game moving faster and accurate.

Imagine use of 3D printing to create prototypes in no time, produce parts when required and create tailormade products to increase competitiveness

Effectively use Virtual reality VR, Augmented reality AR or Mixed reality MR for training and development of people and products, helps optimize resources, saves cost and increases profitability. Digital Twin will help you create digital simulation for parts, products and processes, so that the actual outcome is error free and help you shorten the cycle to produce better and faster.

Now as I mentioned earlier, like with all changes, adoption or implementation of Industry 4.0 has its own challenges and excitement. Availability of talent and skills set to drive the entire project for Industry 4.0, to my mind will come on top of the list. Capital outflow commitment for entire project implementation cycle. Clear assessment of the stage of where you stand today in the digital state, before taking up the Industry 4.0 implementation is very critical because they are very closely interconnected. Cyber security for your entire knowledge & information assets needs to be put in place. Internal alignments of people and processes to manage the change

Some important points to keep in mind before the game begins to derive full benefit from the project of implementing Industry 4.0 are

1. Asses your organizations Digital readiness and the impact of implementation across the organization, on people, on processes, on mind sets and the works.

2. Secure talent, if not available within, secure commitment and funds from stake holders, communicate positively to the workforce, involve and engage them, dispel people’s fears, if any.

3. Have a clear roadmap for the entire journey, time required, capital required, milestones, implementation needs, review mechanisms, priority classification of the project and the whole game.

4. Do not follow the buzz word of Industry 4.0, constantly check and evaluate what the implementation can do FOR YOUR business and organization.

Early adoption of the game will give unprecedented long-term advantage to the organization, of course you will have to brace yourself of the fact that the early starters have certain larger share of challenges but will also provide a very distinct competitive and commercial advantage to your organization.

At Axon Networks we believe we can play a critical role in implementation of Industry 4.0 for your organization, provided you are ready to leverage all of this to your advantage in many more ways than one.

Stay safe & healthy.


Atul Ojha


Axon Networks

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