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Education IoT and the Life Beyond

I do not think anybody has any doubt that Education and the technology associated with education is a BIG BIG business. According to some trade pandits by 2025 the Asian education market alone will be trillion dollars ++ and would create some of the biggest education technology or EdTech companies and wealth creators.

So, what are the technology trends that are going to create disruption and wealth in the sector? What technology is going to influence the education sector?

Internet of Things or IoT is going to play a very critical role. As the education community will engage more on connected devices and digital tools, big data gathering and analytics will help create an efficient learning experience for the teacher as well as the learner, the experience will become more and more personalized.

We have experienced in the recent ongoing pandemic that the education and learning has become remote, virtual and mobile. The technology at all layers will have to support this new way of education. Networks will have to be capable of handling the data flow, computing will have to be able to store and retrieve information on demand in a secure environment.

Picture this, in the conventional way, you need a physical education structure or a school building, teachers and students under the same roof, physical textbooks, associated investments etc. This makes access to education a bit difficult. Over a quarter of a billion kids globally do not have access to a fulltime education as per estimates. Imagine what online or connected learning can do to reach remote students, share curriculum and content globally, make the best of the teaching material available 24x7 and all of this at a fraction of the current cost structures. Virtual classrooms, digital textbooks, unimaginable reach, click of a button translation in local languages, so on and so forth.

Can you imagine how personalized the education can be, almost like a medical prescription!

Imagine, how effective will education IoT can be, with connected machines and the communities, everyone can be so much more effective, analysis of what is getting consumed, what is effective, what is not effective, in a real time basis can really make the overall consumption and experience so satisfying and effective. Like all other industries, education IoT and big data analytics can benefit the education sector too and as much or more. The education IoT can make the whole process so personalized by virtue of technology that it will be like visiting a doctor and getting treated for what is personally ailing you and what is good for you.

Education process will become more engaging and involved. Imagine a student getting transported to moon the moment VR headset is put on, having a virtual moon walk, asking questions and getting answers on real time basis and making learning such a wonderful experience and how engaging can it be. All of this from the comfort of their homes or where ever the students are.

Technology can render the conventional definition of school redundant, students do not have to be physically in the school but still get marked present or absent through technology, the library becomes virtual with tons and tons of learning aids or digital books available on demand, work done by students and teachers protected well, easy to retrieve and use and overall life of a student and teacher becoming far more efficient and enjoyable.

At Axon Networks we believe a part of this is already a reality and much more will change in no time, we may play an important role in helping you to leverage all of this to your advantage in many more ways than we can do today!


Atul Ojha


Axon Networks LLP

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