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Technology Trends & Their Impact

Some of the technology trends are helping us to return to normalcy where some trends will help us to understand the changed reality and how we cope and manage that to our advantage. In simple terms here is a list of trends and their impact, on the ecosystem around us and how these trends, in spite of being invisible to many are helping our lives and will help in future.

1. AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI seems to be the BIG tech trend currently and is around us more than we know and is helping us to understand the world in which we live today. For example, the volume of data we are collecting, voluntarily and involuntarily on healthcare, infection rates, remedy rates, mortality rates, vaccination trends, impact of vaccination trends, traceability of people infected, the amount of data gathered, this is going to make the machine algorithms better informed and much sharper in identifying solutions for us. All this insights and analysis by artificial intelligence will be impossible and unnoticed by human analysis. This is throwing up an opportunity for better decision making, better utilization of resources, better time savings, far better economic advantages and my list can go on and on.

For Organizations which are deploying such technologies and tools, it will be easier to understand the changing customer trends and behaviors, which in turn will help ‘mass customization’ for churning out far more relevant products and services for faster roll out and consumption.

The possibilities with AI are limitless.

2. Drones, Robotics and Automated Vehicles

Robot in the operation theatre, Robot in the factory, Robot in aviation, Robot in public transport, drones for deliveries, drones for surveillance, drones for event management and control, drones for reading trends, drones for mobile public announcement systems, drones for disaster management and many more use cases. This is not only creating efficiencies across functions but also reducing the error rates, saving money and lives which humanly may be difficult to achieve. As the use of public transport by ever increasing number of passengers continue to grow, demand fluctuate from hour to day to week, push and initiatives towards self-driving vehicles will continue to increase. Driving and fleet utilization efficiency across transport networks will be a priority.

3. Application as a Service

Whether it is software or application or platform or cloud “As a Service” has put all trends within the reach of people and organizations, irrespective of their size or type of business. This is the sole reason that AI, robotics, connected drones, connected cars are a possibility for just about anybody. Just about anybody can deploy cutting edge technology with little investments in tools, machines or specialized people.

The ongoing pandemic has displayed without doubt that companies that rely on let’s say cloud to provide fast scalable solutions as a service are prospering. Zoom for example became a household name overnight due to its cloud-based nature that it could host some many users, that kept increasing daily, without compromising on the end user experience.

Application as a service is going to open up limitless possibilities.

4. Enhanced connectivity by 5G

Each progress on mobile connectivity or mobility has always unlocked beneficial use cases for users at large. 3G made web browsing and data consumption easy and convenient on mobile devices, 4G made video streaming, music platforms and interactive engagements more meaningful, roll out of 5G networks is going to open up sea of use case possibilities.

Augmented reality, virtual reality gaming anywhere anytime will become a reality with 5G. Pundits are projecting the cable and fiber-based networks to become redundant on 5G roll out, we will have to wait and see, how the network and life unfolds post 5G roll outs. Access to AI, big data, real time applications, connected cars, connected Robotics, smart manufacturing and overall automations will big time benefit with 5G roll out, not benefit but 5G may be critical to the success of some or all of those things. Some of the use cases emerging in agriculture, fisheries, real time applications are simply marvelous.


Extended Reality/ Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality

I wrote about XR/VR/AR in retail in one of my earlier blogs posted on our site, it is simply not related only to retail, this offers limitless options in time to come as the deployment of technology and use increases. AR/VR for example can be used to roll out medical services, where a doctor is able to, let us say check and test a patient’s eye and dispense course of remedy, if required. Imagine a prospective customer to a fashion outlet, is able to see multiple outfits, as to how he or she, will look in the outfit, without even putting the outfit on. Imagine using AR/VR to dispense education without the student or the teacher having to step out of the comfort of their spaces. Imagine a traveler getting to see the wonders of the world from the confines of his or her home.

Changing times, changing technology, exciting trends are promising to make life look wonderful, are there going to be any adverse impacts of these technological advances, we will have to wait and see. Life remains exciting as ever.

At Axon Networks we believe a part of this and much more will change in no time, are you ready to leverage all of this to your advantage in many more ways?

Stay safe & healthy.


Atul Ojha


Axon Networks

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