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Managed Network Services provided by MSPs explained

MSPs primarily host Managed Network Services, there are multiple factors we need to consider before getting into deal with MSPs. We'll be explaining them in detail.

What is a Managed Network Service (MSPs)?

Managed Network Services play a very important role where many enterprises do not have enough resources to manage their network infrastructure or wish to use their resources for other more critical purposes. Over here Managed Service Providers (MSPs) act as an IT staff or adjunct to the existing IT department for an organization. Collaborating with Managed Service Provider, an enterprise is outsourcing its IT functionalities to a third party provider. MSPs analyze, implement, operate, monitor & provide support to the IT network of an enterprise & improves the business operations by taking control over the IT network of an enterprise.

All the MSPs differ from each other by the way they provide the networking services. Some MSPs provide end to end managed network services while others specialize in maintenance, monitoring, support, etc.

All the operations that take place by the MSPs are carried out remotely, they do not work for any enterprise in-house. MSPs primarily host managed network services in their own data centers and facilities, where they can also host virtual network functions. The greatest advantage of a Managed networks service provider is that it allows enterprises of all sizes to build a strong IT infrastructure for their enterprise without spending much on IT resources.

MSPs delivering Managed Network Services includes :

MSPs delivering Managed network services offer different services depending upon what the enterprise & MSPs have agreed upon & what is expected to be delivered. The services may include :

  1. Appliances or applications

  2. Sourcing last mile

  3. Configuring the devices

  4. Monitoring performance

  5. Raising trouble tickets

  6. Resolving issues

  7. Reporting analysis

Benefits of adopting Managed Network Services from MSPs

Time & cost saving : Most enterprises deal with the problem of hiring in-house IT teams & training them to administer IT networks and also the network management tools your IT infra will need. MSPs eliminate the cost of hiring & training new IT staff also making their tools available for an enterprise.

Greater Scalability: Enterprises usually need to scale resources up or down on demand. Scalability requires a lot of effort and is often not possible because of the nature of network infrastructure build. It may even take away the focus of the IT team from their core functions. Managed network service providers help you to scale up or down the system depending upon your needs as MSPs are very flexible when it comes to resources.

Dedicated Support Team : MSPs use remote monitoring technology to keep a check on your system. There’s always a dedicated support team available for you in case of any issue and priority based ticketing solutions are provided.

Access to experts from the field : Since MSPs focus on network management, they have the scale to provide specialized services to fill in any gaps in your team’s expertise. It doesn’t make sense to have an employee learn a whole new skill set for a one-time project. An Managed Network Service Provider gives access to a team of experts with precise skills you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Data Compliance & Security : In managed network services the complexities of compliance and auditing are handled by MSPs, so you don’t have to worry about violating data security regulations. They can also run reports and conduct audits that prove your organization is meeting all requirements. This can save your in-house team thousands of hours in the long run.

Pricing Model of an MSPs providing Managed network services

Managed Network Services consist of a physical network layer which the MSPs procure on behalf of the enterprise and a set of systems managed by trained manpower. The initial installation of the network and set-up of the customized configuration requires a small One Time Charge. Subsequently, MSPs provide a consolidated bill through Quarterly or Annual Recurring Charges over a period of the contract. This helps enterprises spread most of the cost of the network and its management over the time when it is actually being used.

Managed Network Service Provider - Axon Networks

Although we at Axon Networks offer some cutting edge technology solutions, we are not mere technology vendors. We are aware that network infra teams spend a lot of effort in coordinating with multiple vendors to keep the network up and secure. Therefore, we offer end-to-end management of the network including the appliances, applications for adding spoke locations, sourcing last miles, configuring the devices, monitoring performance, raising trouble tickets, resolving issues and reporting analysis. We provide end-to-end uptime and performance SLAs on the network.

Whether its remote office, work from home, industrial automations or business process automation, our managed services proposition ensures that your team focuses on the big ideas while leaving the day-to-day administration to us.

Our managed network services are enabled by a strong back-end system, dedicated specialists and an on-ground network of service providers.

Stay Safe & Healthy

Manthan Todankar

Axon Networks LLP


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